You've heard of BitClub Network but have questions..


With crypto currencies becoming more mainstream, you might have heard people mentioning them, so let me explain.

Firstly have you heard of the terms 'Bitcoin' or 'Bitcoin mining'? If so, then this is where Bitclub Network fits in.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is made or produced by 'mining'. Just like you mine for precious metals like gold, Bitcoin is called Digital Gold.


If you were to go and dig for gold in the ground, you wouldn't find large chunks of gold bars already cut and polished, no, you would find tiny nuggets of gold pieces. By melting the gold nuggets they would mass to a large gold bar.

Bitcoin is created in a similar way except it is done using computers or bitcoin hardware. Bitcoin is created using high-end hardware that makes little pieces of digital code. When you add all the piece of digital code together it forms a complete Bitcoin.

Hence the word Bit-Coin.

This is where Bitclub Network comes in. Instead of you buying your own Bitcoin mining software or machines, Bitclub takes the hassle out of mining for you. It is a Bitcoin - and other leading cryptocurrency - mining platform.

So what is a crypto currency in a nutshell?

Just like we use "fiat" currencies (Rand, Euro, USD or Yen) to transact with and pay for goods and services, bitcoin is the most popular and widely known crypto currency. Its a digital currency that unlike fiat currencies, you can't tangibly hold or see, but can convert back to your choice of fiat currency.

When well-known business people like Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel and ex-US vice president Al Gore as well as the heads of Google and Paypal started investing in bitcoin, it got my interest. Why would these guys be involved in this "bitcoin thing" if they didn't see a huge future in it? If they saw something that I didn't, it must be worth looking into.

In addition, I found out that there would only be 21 million Bitcoin (BTC) ever made. That means that if there is a limited supply of something, the advantage of holding bitcoin will over time increase in value and price.

Back in 2015 is when I first got started and bought my first bitcoin at R6500-00 by opening a Luno wallet and exchanging my rands for Bitcoin. As of today, the price of 1 bitcoin is worth R102 000 (about USD$7300).

Not bad for growth on an investment! Too bad I sold my bitcoin when it was still a few thousand rands. If I had known the value of it back then and held onto it, I would be sitting on a small fortune by now.

That is why I took the time to learn more and find a better way to interact with this new currency. After buying my very first bitcoin on Luno (which was a quick and easy process), I looked at increasing my investment in bitcoin.

The problem, I had was that if I bought bitcoin online and stored it away for a time, after I go back to that bitcoin, I would have the same amount. Yes the value of that bitcoin may have gone up (the Rand or USD value might have increased), but I would still have the same amount of Bitcoin - unless, of course, I went out and bought more bitcoin.

So how do you make more bitcoin for yourself without having to keep buying more over time?

Well, this is where Bitclub Network comes in.

BitClub Network was started in 2014 by an American guy Russ and a few crypto enthusiasts. Not only an experienced networker but an expert in cryptocurrencies, Russ decided to build a global distribution platform that would allow anyone to make more Bitcoin daily.

This was done by setting up a Bitcoin mining facility in Rekjavik, in Iceland and mining on behalf of each person that bought a share in a mining pool. By mining daily, you got paid daily, and accumulating Bitcoin daily!

Since Bitclub Network has started, its membership has grown hugely where at the moment we have well over 200 000 members across the world. South Africa was a launching pad for Bitclub into the rest of Africa. Countries like Japan, Malaysia and South Korea have exploded with new members joining all the time.

Many members are not only making good money through their bitcoin mining, many more members are making big money by building a team of miners. You can join as an investor, (buy a share in a mining pool, be it a Pool 1, Pool 2, Pool 3 or a Founders pool) or with the intention of building a team. The choice is yours.

Not only is Bitclub a legit, solid and transparent mining business, which you can see their daily mining activity here Bitclubpool Stats - they are also on the official Blockchain ledger: a public ledger that show all the transactions and mining pools that mine bitcoin over a 24 hour period. BitClub Network is one of the top 10 mining pools as you'll see on the piechart on Bockchain.

To view our mining operations, go to Blockchain Pools

How to join?

Register as a free member, which you can do on Bitclub Network Signup.

We'll then add you to our whatsapp group. Thereafter you can decide whether to remain a free member, or upgrade and start earning.

If you are in the Johannesburg area and would like to meet over a coffee, I'd be happy to meet with you so just let me know!

If you're interested - and yes, you should be - get in contact.

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